Who are the Amigos?

We are a charity organization established and operated by university students. Our goal is to motivate the recovery of chronically ill children through teaching languages.

We believe that we can set a positive example for kids since we are also students. The small age difference makes us not just a teacher but a friend.

It is important always to arrive in the hospitals well-prepared with a a big smile on our face. These small gestures can be enough to brighten a kid's day.

Our principles

  • Learning while having fun
  • Every Amigo is valuable
  • An Amigo is reliable and consistent, direct, flexible, enthusiastic and a team player
    • Reliable and consistent: if we make a promise, we keep it and we don’t back down. We respect appointments and deadlines
    • Direct: we maintain a close and friendly relationship with kids and we keep our communication active, open and efficient between ourselves
    • Flexible: in case of problems we offer help and back each other up
    • Enthusiastic: we bring energy and cheerfulness to hospitals and we work to improve our organization
    • Team-player: we share our success and work on our problems together
  • If we have promised, we are there
  • We are transparent
  • Every Amigo's opinion matters